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One metrics product to rule them all

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During the last couple of months some interesting things have happened in my research group ( related with software metrics and its application to collaborative environments. One of our dearest data mining project (FLOSSMetrics) has achieved a great added value in terms of procedures to get data from libre software projects and some of its small features have been applied, the biggest collaborative environment we maintain. With the background we have in this topic (see the links below) we are in a great position to contribute with something interesting in this area to the libre software community so .. there we go.

Our first task is to polish up the tools we developed for FLOSSMetrics, our team have some ideas about how to improve the heart of the analysis (a tool called retrieval system .. so far!). At the same time they design the new platform I’ll start creating a prototype which will be our template for its application to the first forge: fusionforge, which is the new libre release of GForge. As always, the design is the most important part because we want/need to obtain a standalone product with a wide variety of plugins. Indeed we need to emphasize that our aim must be obtaining/offering a “product“, only one product with many many small applications. This point of view would be new for us (it is not very common in research projects) and I’m pretty sure that’s the way we can improve the final quality.

One metrics product to rule them all!

Some interesting links:


Written by sanacl

March 1, 2010 at 8:01 pm

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