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Sourceforge makes a move

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Yesterday night I found out that Sourceforge made available a new beta forge. You can browse the projects created so far in the new beta using the URL, to have a look at a test project go to

I also created a project to see what the new features are. At a glance you will notice that the layout is entirely different and simpler, the “old” sourceforge’s pages were offering too much information. Once you create the project you can add new resources to it, git, bts, wiki and so on .. nothing new under the sun at this point, but I’m pretty sure new features are coming soon. I’ve read in the Mark Ramm’s blog some interesting info:

  • “And we are committed to making this the most open forge possible. We’re committed, to open processes, open code, and perhaps most importantly open data.” Encouraging sentence
  • “data should be portable (every project gets their own database, which they can take with them if they want)”. I like this, if you want to be the best forge platform you shouldn’t obly people to stay, you must convince them to come
  • “open source community ought to be able to extend and enhance the tools they need”

In any case, after a couple of minutes in the new forge I have some questions:

  • Shouldn’t forges be more people oriented? I do love the way github does it
  • Will be possible to integrate third party services (bugzilla or mediawiki for instance) in remote?
  • Will be possible to import data from third party services? (for instance import a remote svn to git or mantis bugs to the sf’s bts)
  • Are they going to integrate the forge with the ohloh’s results?
  • Are they improving the search engine? I didn’t manage to find a person using its real name in the “old” sourceforge’s forge
  • Some of the links in the beta redirects you to the “old” forge, I guess they will replace this with the new features slowly.

Passing new software to production is always funny and stressful. Good luck to the sourceforge’s team

Some interesting links:


Written by sanacl

July 16, 2010 at 9:24 am

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  1. Thank for the write-up.

    We’re definitely still in the early phases of this project, and there’s a lot still to do. And we are a small team, but we’re making good progress, and we hope to have new things to release ever few weeks.

    As to your list of questions, I think the most important couple of things to say, is 1) yes you will be able to import data, and 2) yes we will be moving more features into the python code base so the user experience of using the new forge is more unified

    Other than that, I expect problems to get resolved, and integration with external resources to get better over time.

    Mark Ramm

    July 17, 2010 at 2:36 pm

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