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Back from the Open Forges Summit 2010

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Last Friday some workmates from LibreSoft and I were in the Open Forges Summit, we couldn’t be there more than a couple of hours because we returned the same day but it was really interesting hearing a discussion about the problem of the data lock-in among people from sourceforge, codeplex, fusionforge, berlios and other places.
Some of the problems that came up in the discussion are summed up by Eric S. Raymond in this recommended blog entry “Three Systemic Problems with Open-Source Hosting Sites“, IMHO these should be the target for the next years in FLOSS forges, but at the end forges are an agregation of useful tools and some of them are now toooo big for being flexible. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad to stop and re-think the workflow to give them a social approach and get its data distributed (and even standardized)


Written by sanacl

October 4, 2010 at 12:46 pm

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