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Things you should know to start playing with Drupal

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During the last months I’ve been collaborating with a well know NGO in Spain to help them building a new web site. We were evaluating Plone, Joomla and Drupal. After started with Joomla we decided to move to Drupal, it just seemed to be simpler. So far I have to say we are happy with the choice we did.
The site have a great number of requirements: shopping cart, customized member forms, newsletter, customized list of animal cards, customized cards .. We can’t say it is finished but we are close to finish it, as you may know the details in this kind of tasks are very time consuming.
If you want to give Drupal a chance, I recommend you to start looking at the following documentation:

And if you have similar requirements, these are some of the modules you would need:

  • cck to create new content types
  • views to play with list of items setting up the criteria, fields to be displayed, ..
  • imagecache and imagefield to manage images, thumbnails and so on
  • contemplate to modify the layout of content types
  • ubercart as shopping cart solution
  • imce as wysiwyg

I hope these little advices can help beginners to enjoy this CMS.

Written by sanacl

February 27, 2010 at 7:01 am