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Ohcount, the Ohloh’s line counter

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This afternoon I did some simple tests with Ohcount which is the Ohloh’s source code line counter. I did not manage to compile the 3.0 release, but the latest version downloaded from git worked properly.

With the default parameters is similar to sloccount, it has more information about the code but nothing about effort estimation.

For me, the most interesting part is the possibility to get the license from a source code file with the flag “-l”

$ ./bin/ohcount -l /tmp/evince/
lgpl evince-document.h
gpl ev-document-model.c
gpl ev-annotation-window.h
gpl ev-stock-icons.c
gpl ev-view-presentation.c
gpl ev-job-scheduler.h
gpl ev-document-model.h
lgpl ev-timeline.c
gpl ev-page-cache.h
gpl ev-jobs.c
lgpl ev-transition-animation.c
gpl ephy-zoom-control.h
gpl ev-previewer.c
gpl ev-previewer-window.c
gpl ev-previewer-window.h
gpl evince-thumbnailer.c

This tool looks promising, I’m going to test it deeply to propose using it in Melquiades (flossmetrics) and the FusionForge metrics plugin that we are developing these days.

UPDATE I’ve found a bug in this version of the tool while studying the evince code. It identifies cpp code in the libview directory which is false. I’ve reported the bug to the main developer in sourceforge.

Written by sanacl

July 6, 2010 at 8:28 pm