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Neelie Kroes on open source and the importance of communities

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I would like to remark three sentences in this speech.

  • “One example is the European Commission’s OSOR project. This project raises awareness and stimulates reuse of successful open source solutions, across European public administrations.” Look Mom! I’m on tv! 😉
  • “According to data from open source providers, like RedHat, the top three countries for open source activity in the EU are France, Spain and Germany. And with such big countries in the lead, the momentum for open source is set to keep on growing.”
  • “At the EU we can bring people together, help get rid of obstacles, and occasionally give funding to help in research and development. But the real difference is made by people and communities, like the open source movement.”

Written by sanacl

July 13, 2010 at 4:25 pm