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Android went up like a rocket during 2010

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Have you seen the latest market share of Operating Systems for smartphones?

Wow! It’s amazing how quickly Android is increasing its market. During 2010 a total of 170,000 applications were published and it started with less than 10,000. It will be very interesting to know the share market by mid this year, we’ll see if Android is still going up like a rocket.

More info in the Nielsen’s blog and in the Android Zoom blog

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February 16, 2011 at 10:00 pm

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SCMs market share

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Two weeks ago we studied the Apache market share in the master on libre software, this libre product that has dominated the niche of the web servers during the last decade, it isn’t bad at all!. As part of my homework and as I usually work with development tools I’ve get some data about the current SCM market share. Due to I work only with libre software I thought I could have a biased vision, so I’ve looked for reports done about this niche market but I didn’t found a fresh one.

A Forrester’s study made a year ago stated that Open Source SCM Solutions were closing in on 50% total market share. Have a look at the bar chart below:

As you can see, modern and libre SCMs like Git and Mercurial didn’t have remarkable position more than a year ago and Subversion had more than double users than the second one. Have a look again at the chart, there is something unbelievable on the bottom of the list. Did you see it? 6,5% of those 1020 persons did not use a source code management system. More than 50 “application development professionals” do not use one of these tools, I would even replace the article’s title with “6 out of 100 application developers have discovered something better than source code management systems”. Or .. maybe they haven’t 😉

Let me recover the focus, I think that the next report will be very different for Git. During the last year the outstanding growth of platforms based on it like github (with half a million git repositories created in half a year!) and gitorious should have impact on the market share. We could end up with Subversion leaving the first position in favour of Git, at least that is what we could think having a look at the google trends for these two applications. On the other hand, the Debian users still value Subversion over Git.

Written by sanacl

November 28, 2010 at 8:54 pm