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FusionForge en -> es hack session

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Last Friday some workmates and I spent a couple of hours working in the translation to Spanish of FusionForge. We translated around 700 strings and ate 4 pizzas. It is not a bad average at all. I’ll go on with the translation in my free time but it is possible that we repeat the “FusionForge en -> es pizza hack session” during the following months, it is a great excuse to enjoy a different meal with some friends.

Saludos de parte de los traductores españoles por un día / Greetings from some of the Spanish translators for a day

pizza hacking session

In this photo: Roberto Andradas, Dani Izquierdo, me and Alvaro Olmedo

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Written by sanacl

February 14, 2011 at 1:01 pm