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“Llave primaria” or “Clave primaria”?

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I was editing a postgresql table and I found the string “llave primaria” instead of “clave primaria”.

gforge=# \d plugin_metrics;
Tabla "public.plugin_metrics"
Columna | Tipo | Modificadores
group_id | integer | not null
scm_path | character varying(40) |
codecontrib | integer | not null
codeactivity | integer | not null
mls | integer | not null
reports | integer | not null
"plugin_metrics_pkey" llave primaria, btree (group_id)

It isn’t common to see these kind of errors in a great product like postgresql, but “foreign key” shouldn’t be translated as “llave primaria”. The correct translation to Spanish (or at least the most common expression) is “clave primaria”.

Do you use “llave primaria” when you talk about “foreign key”? Is it used in latin america?

Written by sanacl

June 25, 2010 at 2:14 pm

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