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Testing Gitorious and Github

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The first impression in both sites is that they are really sexy, not too much information in the front page and a beautiful and simple design. Below you can find a few notes I made with the remarkable features (or lacks) of both platforms.



  • It is not libre software
  • It offers Subversion and GIT repositories
  • BTS available, it is very simple. Maybe too much!
  • Team support if you sign up as an organization
  • You can create a web home page in 30 seconds, there is an automatic generator that uses the information you have provided to create the project and some extra fields.
  • No mailing lists available
  • No forums available
  • If you want more than a private repo, you have to pay for it
  • Project list sorted by different filters: Interesting, Popular Forked, Popular Watched, Recent, Random
  • Advanced search form
  • 312,000 coders and over 967,000 repositories

User experience:

It doesn’t support OpenID, I had to create a new account (boooring process). Once I had my account already created I started a project importing software from a Subversion repository hosted in sourceforge, the import was really smooth, I did it in a couple of clicks. After everything was passed to GIT it even sends you suggestions like “We couldn’t find a README for this repository, we strongly recommend adding one”

The use dashboard is really sexy, it shows you activity of the people you are following (, you also can “watch” different projects and developers, so the final product is really a social network for developers. There are more interesting features like the service hooks or the graphs which show the activity around the GIT repo, my favourite graph is the punchcard.


  • It’s libre software (AGPLv3)
  • It offers just GIT repositories
  • OpenID support, since I started to use this common service I’m happier.
  • No BTS available
  • Team support
  • No Home Page available
  • No mailing lists available
  • No forums available
  • The projects list is not very user friendly. It jsut offers a huge list of projects without categories, filters .. ( ).
  • I did not manage to find information about the number of users and projects 😦

User experience:

The account creation was fast as it supports OpenID. I created a project in less than five minutes time but when I was looking for the bts I found out that there is no bts available in this platform. The dashboard is similar to the one offered by Github but as it happens with the software repositories, it’s a bit difficult to look for people. You can also “watch” repositories but AFAIK you can’t follow the entire activity of a developer with a mouse click. There is no advanced search form, so if you need to look for a user like “Germán Póo-Caamaño” is better to know its nickname (gpoo) because you won’t find him with his real name.

I had no time to test one of the basic differences between Github and Gitoriuos, the team support. The theory says that this feature helps teams of developers to collaborate sharing repositories and projects. One of the biggest teams I found is the Qt developers team, so have a look and find out yourself 😉


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July 12, 2010 at 5:36 pm

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