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FusionForge en -> es hack session

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Last Friday some workmates and I spent a couple of hours working in the translation to Spanish of FusionForge. We translated around 700 strings and ate 4 pizzas. It is not a bad average at all. I’ll go on with the translation in my free time but it is possible that we repeat the “FusionForge en -> es pizza hack session” during the following months, it is a great excuse to enjoy a different meal with some friends.

Saludos de parte de los traductores españoles por un día / Greetings from some of the Spanish translators for a day

pizza hacking session

In this photo: Roberto Andradas, Dani Izquierdo, me and Alvaro Olmedo

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Written by sanacl

February 14, 2011 at 1:01 pm

“temporariamente” or “temporalmente”?

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Two years ago I submitted a bug to change the Spanish string “temporariamente” with “temporalmente” which is correct. Well, it seems I didn’t submit the bug properly because more than two years ago it is the same

– Emisor: fooo, GForge LLC, Des Moines, Iowa, US
– “Huella”: ba:70:19:68:02:a6:6a:a8:6b:bf:4d:0e:af:1f:5c:f9:14:ef:d0:ed
¿(R)echazar, aceptar (t)emporariamente o aceptar (p)ermanentemente?t

Every time I see “temporariamente” something hits my eyes. The bug is still available here but I received no answer in the last two years. I’ll try it again next time, wish me luck.

Written by sanacl

June 25, 2010 at 2:21 pm

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“Llave primaria” or “Clave primaria”?

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I was editing a postgresql table and I found the string “llave primaria” instead of “clave primaria”.

gforge=# \d plugin_metrics;
Tabla "public.plugin_metrics"
Columna | Tipo | Modificadores
group_id | integer | not null
scm_path | character varying(40) |
codecontrib | integer | not null
codeactivity | integer | not null
mls | integer | not null
reports | integer | not null
"plugin_metrics_pkey" llave primaria, btree (group_id)

It isn’t common to see these kind of errors in a great product like postgresql, but “foreign key” shouldn’t be translated as “llave primaria”. The correct translation to Spanish (or at least the most common expression) is “clave primaria”.

Do you use “llave primaria” when you talk about “foreign key”? Is it used in latin america?

Written by sanacl

June 25, 2010 at 2:14 pm

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