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Playing with Timeplot

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I’ve been playing a few hours with Timeplot, a javascript data visualization library created in the SIMILE Widgets project. Currently we are using Open Flash Chart for some of our web products but having flash as a dependency is not our ideal scenario at all. Timeplot is released under BSD license and uses javascript to plot the time series and overlay time-based events over them so we kill two birds with one stone.

The chart I created shows information about Balsa the GNOME mail client, the data was obtained from Melquiades. The example chart shows the commits and reports created over the last ten years in the Balsa project with some of the most remarkable events (releases). I have to say that I did not include all the releases, this was done manually and I was a bit tired 😉 . The dynamic thing is available here.

Adding events to our charts will improve the graphical information we offer but so far the extraction of the release dates is a manual process. After finding more data to be shown using the timeplot events, we will need more libraries to create pie charts and maybe bar charts.

Some useful links:

The data and html code is available here.

Written by sanacl

May 6, 2010 at 4:24 pm